Fellow Goat Owners and members of our Worldwide GoatWorld Family,

This is a CALL TO ACTION for VOLUNTEERS to help prepare us and our fellow GoatWorld family members for emergency evacuations. Please find a way to help your fellow animal loving friends prepare for the evacuation to safety of any goats and other livestock or pets that are going to be in harm's way due to hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other disasters that can strike without warning. Let's help each other get through these natural disasters. Goat and livestock owners need to UNIFY all efforts immediately to facilitate the least stressful relocation possible for our animals in an emergency.

We need your help and support, before, during and after these terrible events. If you cannot take in an animal, perhaps you can send a donation to GoatWorld or to a neighbor in need to help feed their animals. Maybe you can help with transportation from one farm or ranch to a safe place. All types of help can make a difference! Will you help? - Gary Pfalzbot, GoatWorld.com

Yes, SIGN ME UP to be a part of GWEEN.

Not yet, I want to know more about how GWEEN works. GoatWorld has an EMERGENCY EVACUATION NETWORK (GWEEN) located at:
Even if you don't want to join at this time, you are urged to join or tell other animal owners about GWEEN.

If you ARE willing to assist GW family members, or know of any others that would be willing to help, please let them know about GWEENor let us know how to contact them! This system can only work if we have active participants! We can never have too many volunteers in these situations and unfortunately, there will ALWAYS be animals who will need your help to survive.

I urge each and every one of you who reads this to pass this information on and be willing to assist in anyway possible to help get goats and other livestock to safety. Please don't delay, act now!

Once your animals are taken care of and you need to evacuate there will be some things you will need for yourself or your family. Also, it will be helpful if when you arrive at your evacuation destination, that you alert others that you are safe. We have listed some very important links below to assist you in letting people you care about know you are safe and well as well as some resources that may be helpful to your survival and recovery during and after the disaster you are facing.

Agricultural Research Service

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