"Flockguardian Dog Breeds"

Flockguardians are usually large, muscular and swift--capable of tremendous bursts of energy. Often working in desolate areas under minimal human direction, good flockguardians have the ability to quickly assess situations and make intelligent decisions on their own. This independence can be disconcerting to an owner who expects the flockguardian to be submissive and act only upon command. In order to develop a good working relationship with a flockguardian dog, an owner must understand this instinctive behavior.

Although domesticated for centuries in their native habitats, these dogs are not very far removed from their feral ancestry. They protect those within their flock and within their territory. Their flock may be human and/or animal, and their territory may be as far as they can control. In some countries, flockguardians breeds nearly were decimated by invaders who found they had to kill the flockguardian dogs before they could control a country.

While flockguardian breeds have some characteristics in common, these dogs differ from breed to breed, within breeds, and even among littermates. There are approximately 26 different breeds of flockguardian dogs:

Aidi Akbash
Anatolian Shepherd Armant
Ca de Bestiar (AKA Perro de Pastor Mallorquin) Caucasian Ovcharka
Estrela Mountain Dog Great Pyrenees
Greek Sheepdog Himalayan Sheepdog
Kangal Dog Krasky Ovcar (AKA Karst Sheepdog & Istrian Sheepdog)
Komondor Kuvasz
Maremma Sheepdog Polish Tatra (AKA Polish Mountain Dog, Owczarek Tatrzanski, & Tatra Mountain Dog)
Portuguese Cattle Dog Portuguese Watch Dog
Pyrean Mastiff Rumanian Sheepdog (AKA Carpathian Sheepdog)
Sarplanina (AKA Illyrian Sheepdog) Slovak Cuvac
South Russian Sheepdog (AKA South Russian Ovtcharka) Spanish Mastiff
Tibetan Kyi Apso Tibetan Mastiff

A great deal of research and evaluation should precede the decision to obtain a flockguardian dog. It is just as important to make an honest assessment of personal compatibility and the suitability of home environment for these working dogs as it is to research the individual breeds, breeders, genetic problems, temperament in lines and individual puppies.

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