"ASD's and Other Pets"

Well, YES and NO. This is a question that cannot be answered with a simple one word answer. While it is true that you will run across an ASD now and then that will readily accept other pets without issue, it is not the rule of thumb.
The ASD is naturally dog aggressive to some extent, some more so than others.
This reason is one of the most common owners cite when reliquishing their ASD.

Generally speaking, it is best to have dogs of opposite gender for a more harmonious cohabitation. It is possible to have multiple dogs of one gender living together, BUT it takes work and time. It does not happen over night. Proper introductions are required when adding an ASD to your home, be it working or pet.

Keep in mind even with proper introudctions, and doing "all the right things", harmony within your animal family may be just in your dreams. It is virtually impossible to "make" a dog accept another dog or cat, etc. It is also important to remember the size and strength of these dogs. A small dog or cat can be easily killed in an instant with one shake of the head.

PLEASE take into consideration all of these factors before deciding to add an ASD to your home if you already have other family pets.

In summary, yes, it is possible, SOMETIMES, for an ASD to get along with other family pets IF proper introductions are made and IF given time for all parties involved to adjust to one another.

However, this is not written in stone, and sometimes, no matter what you do, the ASD will just not accept the other pets.

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