GoatWorld Advertising - Placement and Rates

High visibility throughtout the entire GoatWorld web site.
Any one of the 3 advertising options gets your banner(s) loaded in a rotation that displays throughout the entire GoatWorld web site. The only exceptions are the Goat 911 and GWEEN features which contain no advertising content. Primarily your banner will show up in any of the GoatWorld Article sections as well as on the very front page of GoatWorld itself. As more pages are added to the site, each NEW page will also contain the code that will cause your banner to display in rotation on that page as well as the old pages. At present, there are over 25,000 unique pages in which your banner could potentially be displayed!

We create your banner for you at no additional cost.
Depending on the advertising program you choose, we create the size banner for the program you have enrolled in. This is done at no extra cost and you will not be charged ever again for that specific banner. To avoid confusion between "banner" and "logo", it should be noted that the banner we create, while very eye-catching and complex in appearance, is not considered a logo and should not be used as such.

You can choose to use your own banner if you wish.
Some people may wish to use a banner they already have created. This is not a problem. When you have proceeded to the signup form after subscribing, an option box will be shown where you can choose "Use my own banner". You will of course need to supply us with this banner via email or web site so that we may copy it into the advertising queue.

No hidden fees, no hidden costs.
Plain and simple, no matter which advertising option you enroll in, the cost is $10.00 per month. You are not charged for hits, clicks, traffic or any other web site statistics or bandwidth. Each banner ad runs for a full month or 31 days. SHould you decide to change an ad, request to change a banner, or request us to create a new banner in a 31 day cycle, there is a $10 fee for doing so - the 31 day cycle will reset to your new ad implementation date.

The 468x60 and 125x125 banners are animated in eye-catching fashion.
These two sizes allow us to create animations that will get your ad noticed. At this time we cannot offer animated banners for the 140x100 sized banner.

You are free to use your banner on other web sites.
The banner we create for you is yours to use however you wish, except in the case of a logo. (See We create your banner for you...) at the top. Some of our past clients enroll in more than one advertising program on other sites and have chosen to use their banners in these programs.

Payment by check, money order or other means
We no lomger accept PayPal for a number of reasons, but are working on a stand alone payment processor for your convenience.

To get started with one of our advertising programs, please contact:

  • Gary Pfalzbot - gary@goatworld.com

    Depending upon your advertising needs, we can work with you to get you the best deal for your money. We work with our clients and customers in a professional manner; promising the quality and response that you deserve. Our bottom line is that GoatWorld does not make the people; the people who come to GoatWorld make GoatWorld.
    "Your success is our success!"

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