Big Bellies

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Posted by PJ on June 03, 2000 at 17:50:44:


I have two doelings 10 weeks of age. They pretty much weaned themselves of milk last week. Now I'm starting to see big bellies on them that seems more than hay bellies. They have been given their CDT shots and I make sure they don't get too much hay, but the only hay we have had in the last week or so has been third cutting of alfalfa. Today, we just got some grass mix hay which I plan to switch them to. If I'm looking at bloat, what do I need to do to remedy this? Give them some oil like they do horses? I figure some probios won't hurt but any info would be appreciated.
Thanks, PJ

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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on June 04, 2000 at 13:09:46:
In Reply to: big bellies posted by PJ on June 03, 2000 at 17:50:44:

Though you could be looking at bloat, the does are usually pretty uncomfortable with froth or gas bloat, frothy from grass and gas from grain. You could easily put some oil, bloat release or bloat guard down them or over their grain to rememdy this if it is mild. With them out on fresh pasture, I would be thinking more along the lines of worms and cocci though. The pot bellied (Ethiopian looking bellies) are pretty common in new folks who don't quite have a handle on how bad parasites are in goats. A fecal sample to the vet from one of them could easily tell you which worms to worm for and if they have cocci or not. Don't wait until the next sign which will be diarrhea! We have great success with worming kids with Valbazen Drench 6cc per 100 pounds by mouth, if you have Ivermectin on hand you can use it also at 2cc per 100 pounds given by mouth only. All other cattle wormers are dosed at 3 times the dose for cattle. You give all wormers orally to goats. You could easily dose them for cocci at the same time, and if you are willing to use them the calf span bolous's for calves work very well in older kids like this. Remember when using feed through Decox or Bovetec, they have to be consuming nearly 1 pound per 25 or 35 pounds of body weight, depending upon the brand of pellets you are purchasing, and with the protein in most of these pellets coming from animal products -- not a good choice! Vicki McGaugh

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