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Posted by GoatWorld on March 23, 2001 at 21:40:57:

In Reply to: preventing problems posted by Kathy Johnson on March 23, 2001 at 15:17:00:

Hello Kathy,

I think your concerns over the matter are well founded. I do believe that upon entry into the U.S. from foreign countries abroad (such as England, France, etc.), they are taking alot of precautionary measures upon arrival as well. How stringent these measures are - well I'm not exactly sure.

It's probably a very good idea to keep your visitors isolated from any part of the areas where your animals are kept (and vice versa).

I'm one of those however that feels that no matter what precautions each of us take, there will still be an outbreak here in the U.S. simply because all of this has come about a little too much a little too late. Had many of us paid heed to the warning signs last year AND the government taken precautionary measures then instead of now, we could have had a reasonable amount of certainty that our animals would be safe.

I've heard alot of rumors about this whole thing and some of them are quite startling - someone was quoted as saying that all the burning that they have done in Europe is certain to spread FMD and Mad Cow worldwide. Why? Because supposedly the bacteria can become airborne and carried back down to earth in rainfall. I don't know how true this really is; perhaps someone else knows, but it just goes to show you that many people are getting rather hysterical about it.

I think overall your idea to have a bleach pan at the entrances of your goat pens is a very good idea - whether it be for the control for the plagues or other afflictions more commonly known (but perhaps equally as devastating) to goat owners.

I certainly hope that the whole situation can be controlled and dealt with in a positive manner but all it takes is one unhealthy animal to upset the balance and bring the feds out to confiscate your animals.

Something that just came to mind - I heard a news report today where they had identified some sheep in Vermont with FMD. Now here's the clincher. They (ag officials) are transporting these sheep to Iowa for testing. That means moving supposedly infected animals across several states that might not be infected at all. What's wrong with keeping them in Vermont? Move the darn testing equipment to Vermont and isolate it. Please don't take a chance on spreading it across several other states just for convenience sake.

Best regards,


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