doe breeding problems

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Posted by Jean on July 09, 2000 at 06:46:50:

Our herd had problems last breeding season. The vets in my area don't much care about goats so I'm stumped. I bred three does(all proven does) to our buck(proven as well) in Sept. In Oct. I did a good deed (you know what they say about good deeds) and bred an outside doe. While she was there we noticed a vag. discharge and promptly sent her home. In Nov. I bred one more of our does to the buck. Then by Thanksgiving he was sold and gone. In late Dec. I bred another doe to someone elses buck. My first three does were all large and had milk in late Dec. and Jan. but never produced kids. The doe bred in Oct. produced a single in Mar. and the outside doe also produced! The doe bred in Dec. grew large , had milk but also never produced.(she had no contact with the outside doe or our buck). Our yearlings and theOct. doe were on antibiotics during the winter so I think that must have been what protected her unborn kids. Also all are current on vacc.s ,worming, and look shiny and healthy. They also have mineral/salt blocks. Now the problem what about this year? They "look" healthy and have no discharge or anything. I can't afford to lose my girls for another season. Any suggestions on antibiotics? or anything else would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jean P.s. I never found and signs of miscarriages or dead kids of any possible age.

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