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Re: Hunched up baby...

Posted by Vicki McGaugh on March 27, 2001 at 08:59:51:

In Reply to: Re: Hunched up baby... posted by dreamerjo on March 26, 2001 at 05:04:18:

From a milk test we know that Valbazen clears in 36 hours from an 8cc per 100 pound oral dose. If you doe is a good milker that is. Something we learned recently is that ill does and does with very poor milking ability will actually clear meds out of their udder slower.

Back to the DE. So you are saying that you used the Valbazen, Ivermectin and Safeguard....fecal testing after you used each and still had worms or eggs in the fecal? How many parts per gram? The DE decreased how much of a worm burden, after using the DE it went down to how much, and how much DE did the goat consume?

Explain to me logically how something that plainly says (doesn't work when wet) works in a wet gut? If you use it as a spray to kill pests in your garden, you dilute it with water, only when it dries out again will it kill the bugs that crawl over it. And remember this is all bugs, including benefical insects. So the benefical bacteria (very much alive by the way) in your does rumens are exempt from scarification and death, if this did work wet? Golden Blend, a very popular goat feed which contains DE for worming, now has their new and improved Golden Blend monthly wormer out! Why have a monthly wormer to feed to the goats, if the DE is working so well? Not sure how long you have had goats, and with the nice Alpines you just purchased you would be much better off learning your mangement from folks in your area who have animals you are very impressed by, and studies done by reputable Universites like Texas A&M who put DE to the test, wanted it very badly to work (we are plagued with worms, cocci) and found it to do nothing! Nothing! I certainly can see how it can work after the animal poops it out, once dry it would kill all emerging larve and keep flies from laying thier maggots in the manure. Not sure what area you are in but if it is south, you simply have to have a good vet or learn yourself how to fecal to find out which wormers at what dosages are working for you. Many farms in our area, because of the misuse of wormers (bad information) are now resistant to a good many of them. You certainly don't want to be doing this to your stock. We might just have to agree to disagree on this point :) Vicki

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