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Posted by Kay on July 16, 2000 at 13:10:42:

In Reply to: sick kid pygmy posted by Dave Palmer on July 14, 2000 at 22:26:04:

Dave, I have looked in my trusty goat book by Dr. Guss and the only thing I see that a kid that age might develop is navel ill. Did you dip his navel cord in iodine when he was born? The book says: More subtle and often more serious are umbilical infections which may be undetected until liver or other internal abscesses develop or arthritis develops on one or more joints of the legs. These may not appear for four to six weeks. The kid usually refuses to support his weight on the affected leg. the affected joint frequently feels hot to the touch and the animal develops a chronic fever (103-105). Does he have elevated temp? Hope it is'nt this as treatment is expensive. Kay: I have a 2 month old male pygmy that acts very lethargic, lays around all day and has trouble walking. "Paco" has great difficulty when walking and limps on different legs at different times.The vet does not have an idea of the problem. She gave me instructions to give albion for 5 days (no change for Paco. A friend suggested Paco was constipated, try Fleet baby enima, no help for Paco.
: Another friend said 'oh' give Paco 1cc of Naxcel for three days because he thought Paco had pneumonia. No change, poor Paco still lays around.His 1st month of life he was very active, then he became ill with these symptoms. He eats weed grasses and still nurses, that's it. Could Paco have C.A.E........Please help, we love Paco

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