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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on June 08, 2000 at 08:11:24:

In Reply to: starting a meat goat operation posted by Rex on June 06, 2000 at 22:55:36:

Go to and join the sheep and goat rancher site. Also for any dairy goats Nubain Talk, LaMancha Talk etc. also chevontalk. You will want to use the very best buck you can find, and yes Boer for meat, in milk Nubian is always your best bet for any profit at sales. Everyone looking for goats is looking 99% of the time for a Nubain milk doe or a Boer meat breed. They just had a very nice discussion on sheep and goat rancher about the very slow growth of the mitonic, (fainting, TMG) all names of really the same thing. Which if you are going to sell meat kids, you want quick growth! Most are crossing with spanish, Nubain, some LaMancha and others Kiko. A nice mixed herd of quality does and then the best buck is the way to go always. Learn about CL, CAE, worming, vaccinating, cocci prevention, feed, minerals and since it is hay season right now and you will need hay for the winter, hay! has great overall health stratigies and always feel free to ask and find yourself a goat mentor in your area! If you don't arm yourself with knowledge and take someone who knows something with you, you are ripe to be taken advantage of! Vicki McGaugh

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