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Re: Sample Boarding Contracts

Posted by Nat on March 28, 2001 at 18:05:57:

In Reply to: Re: Sample Boarding Contracts posted by melissa on March 28, 2001 at 16:18:27:

Seeing as I was in 4-H once a pon a time, and was in a similar situation (I had to board animals) I thought I'd share some things I dealt with:

At the time, both my parents and I signed an agrement that would not hold the owner of the properity liable for any injuries occured to me, or my animals. (Remember, both the parents and kids signing) You don't want anyone to have an accident on your properity, slip, ect. and end up having them owning your home over a silly lawsuit. It happens more often then not! I had horses at the time, and any horse people out there know of all the liabilities you have to deal with! Accidents happen, livestock get sick. Its all part of the game. Everyone has to understand that.

Like many others sugested, it should also be stated: length of board, provisions for neglect of the animals, or your properity. (you don't want to get stuck feeding all the time, or fixing things that get broken by neglect, ect., what if an animals is abondened, ect) have set what has to be provided for feed, hay, bedding. (its suprising how a bag every week, turns into one ever 2 weeks)be picky!

I'd also be sure to have ground rules set in stone, or in writing. In my case I would have to let the properity owner know when guests would be visiting with me, and other things that may be trivial should be included - like ex. Always turn lights off, pens need to be cleaned every __(time set by you)..all animals need to be wormed and vaccinated, and need to see a vet regularly.. that way when you have a problem.. you can get a copy of that nice aggrement, and save a few headakes.

I would also try to have some kind of provision that if animals were not cared for, or some part of the aggrement was violated, they would have __ (so many days) to remove their animals. It happens, and you shouldn't have to get stuck with a big problem, but be fair and give them so many days to re-locate.

It was nice in the day to have an agrement like this over a handshake, but things have changed greatly. I've been lucky enough to keep my lease after 4-H for over 7 years. (of course, now I'm actuially paying rent, utilities, ect. ) I've been burned too many times by people, and hate having to be an "ass" but if you don't protect yourself, you are bound to run into a problem.

I'm not trying to say that all 4-Hers, FFA kids, ect. are not responsible, as I was involved with these programs for years, but there are always the few that give others the bad name.

Hope I didn't repeat too much of what everyone else wrote. Good luck, and hopefully you have a nice group of kids that will be able to learn from you during the boarding time. Its really nice to have a few dependable kids to help you out when you're away, or help those few weekends when you're cleaning barns or doing feet.

-Nat's Little Bit Farm

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