Re: Salt and vinegar in drinking water

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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on June 08, 2000 at 08:21:17:

In Reply to: Salt and vinegar in drinking water posted by Lawrence Wilder on June 08, 2000 at 06:02:06:

Using a loose salt or mineral mix is fine in a feeder, but adding salt or anything else to the water will decrease the amount of water your goats will drink! (Well unless it is Koolaid, molassas or something sweet!) And a decrease in water means urinary calculi in your bucks and less milk made in your does, both things you don't want! Now the feeding of vinegar in the water is old as the hills. Folks swear it increases the amount of doe kids born, if this was true Lonesome Doe Nubains would have all does born :) We do put some vinegar in our water during the summer to keep the plastic barrels from turning green so quickly. Vinegar will help deacidify the contents of the rumen right? Wrong! When a goat drinks the water does not go into the rumen, it goes into the 4th stomach. When a doe eats they hold their neck naturally and all food goes into the rumen, when they drink they cock their heads out so that they have access to another stomach! Lots of stuff in goats is just plain common sense! Vicki McGaugh

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