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Posted by Joan on July 30, 2000 at 05:00:23:

In Reply to: Re: coughing posted by GoatWorld on July 30, 2000 at 01:22:02:

Thank you for the information. I will pass it on to my friend.

: CL is the acronym for Caseous Lymphodenitis which is caused by the Cornyebacterium. It can manifest itself either internally (meaning you won't see the lumps or cysts) or externally. Not all external lumps are CL - they only appear at certain areas. Vicki is right about the internal form of CL - highly contagious and deadly. This may or may not be what they problem is.

: From my experience, the external CL cyst will eventually rupture and begin to ooze. The hair around the "lump" will begin to fall off and not long thereafter the lump will rupture, spreading the disease to whatever it may contact. In the US there is no cure for CL although I have read that there is a cure for it being touted in Australia called Cheezy Vac. The "supposed cure" in the US is given to sheep with great results but it has been reported that it is not effective in goats and will only give them sore legs.

: We have a friend who has a goat with CL. The cyst was behind the ear and we helped them cut, lance and drain it. So far the cyst has not reappeared (after three months) but it is certain to. As I recall, when this person asked me to "take a look" at his sick goat, it was pretty much as you described (but not coughing) - keeping in mind this was an "external case" of CL. The eyes were cloudy and the goat generally looked pretty emaciated though he did eat some. And as I recall, this goat had an extremely unpleasant odor - not a billy goat odor - one far worse.

: I'm certainly hoping it's not CL because it can destroy an entire herd. I'd recommend getting a vet to do a blood test. In the meantime, if you can get us a temperature and some other vital readings, that will be helpful. I would keep the goat or goats eating as much as you can, the high protein and minerals as well. Penicillin of the 300,000 unit type - religiously for a period of time. Try some of the things also that Vicki recommended. You may also want to separate the sick goats form the healthy goats even though if it is CL, it may be too late.

: A good practice to is to always wash yourself thoroughly when dealing with these goats because CL is zoonotic which means you can get it.

: Please keep us posted on the situation. I'm not a veterinarian, I hope it's not CL, but right now I might be inclined to treat it as such. I hope to have an article on CL on this web site soon but in the meantime, the article that comes to mind is on a site at:
: under the Articles section.

: Best regards,

: Gary

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