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Posted by Gary Pfalzbot on June 08, 2000 at 13:17:56:

In Reply to: Worming posted by James O'Kussick on June 07, 2000 at 08:17:39:

Worming is something that has intrigued me now for some time - especially since it can be expensive, but not necessarily effective. I believe that Vickie McGaugh stated in her followup that Safegard is only 67% effective. I have heard several other comments to support this figure as well. So what does all this mean? Well, in researching worming, I have found a couple of very interesting ideas that "appear" to be working with our goats.

I was told that when a goat developed a hacking cough - the reason is usually worms. When first getting our goats, they hacked and coughed pretty badly. A few treatments of Safegard appeared to cure this...for a while at least...but the cough returned.

I read that Black Walnuts could be used as a natural wormer. Luckily, we have alot of Black Walnuts on our property. You know what? After a few times of the goats eating the leaves, no more cough. We have not used Safegard now for some time either. Apparently, any kind of worm does not live in the vicinity of a Black Walnut tree - earthworms included. Just for anextra measure, I put a few drops of Piperzine-17 in the goats drinking water each week (works for cats and dogs).

Not saying this is the "right" approach, but it does appear to be working for us. I know that based upon area and climate, many people report that certain wormers are effective while others are not. One just needs to find that right combination and run with it.

Oh, one other thing I've heard - use of the same "white wormer" over and over reduces it's effectiveness. Supposedly the worms can and do build up an immunity. Might be a good idea to switch from time to time.

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