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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on July 31, 2000 at 10:04:17:

In Reply to: What to Do Now posted by Jeanette Wardwell on July 30, 2000 at 16:37:40:

Jeanette, this is so hard on you. I have been reading on other forums your problem. It is hard when we decide to have goats, and then find out our beloved dogs hate the goats! And why I should be responsible for fencing out everyone elses stray dogs here in Texas is beyond me!?? You really do need a real guardian dog though. There are lots of folks who give pups away for free since everyone and their Uncle are breeding them. Also there is Pyr rescue, a gal friend of mine does it if you want to contact me privately. We have had Goats and Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 14 years, and even though we live in the National Forest we have never had a dog attack or coyote kill. I am very proud of my dogs. Even living very rurally like we do, the problem isn't exotic, its strays and neighborhood pet dogs! As for the breed you choose it really is essential they come from working stock, my daughter recently had me raising her pup for her, I have trained my dogs, and she wanted her pup smart also. And though she has been with me since 6 weeks, and I do love this little rottweiler, she is simply not a stock dog. She nips at the goats if they put their heads through the fence to smell her, and she chases the younger stock. My dogs simply don't have this tendancy and it is ingrained in them to mother goats. Though the Rott is going to be an excellent very well behaved dog, she is so smart, she doesn't have a clue how to behave around 13 goat kids, running in all directions around her wanting to play. Brain overload. She also never learns a lesson, when my 10 year old doe smashed her into the barn, instead of being submissive and just getting out of the old bitty's way she wanted to fight with her! My eldest 14 year old Ridge just can't understand why she doesn't learn, she holds the little Rott down with her paw but the Rott stills goes back for more with the goats. Even after being scolded by the Ridge or by me. So the airedale part of your dog is just going to cause you trouble in the end. You have a great day, Vicki

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