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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on June 10, 2000 at 12:59:20:

In Reply to: CDT and various other shots posted by Lawrence Wilder on June 10, 2000 at 07:40:55:

CD&T is a 2cc shot, directions are for sheep on the bottle, we use BarVac brand since you can give underskin shots SubQ in meat goats, and IM, in the muscle shots for Dairy Goats. We give their first shot at 3 weeks and their booster at 21 days. (We actually give a 3rd shot 21 days later, since we broker herds and show) There will be a booster shot for them yearly after this, and is a good idea to make it 3 weeks before they kid, to bolster their colostrum for their babies. Don't forget to booster the bucks! We also start our worming protocol at 3 weeks, worming monthly until of breeding age. Remember no wormers are recommended to be given as an injection or poured on. All wormers are recommended to be given orally to goats. And when you get right down to the information from Bubba Jones who has had goats for however many years....he doesn't run fecal samples to know if anything he is doing works! :) Ivermectin is dosed at 2cc per 100 pounds and so you would give 1/2cc by mouth to a 25 pound kid, which is what most of my 3 week old kids weigh. Buy yourself a weight tape so you don't have to guess. A good grain mix for calves, along with just putting out some loose minerals for cattle, would be all the vitimins and minerals your goats would need, without injections. If you are bottle feeding you can boolster your milk by adding Red Cell or some other vitamin, if you are using milk replacer, Jeffers 1-800-Jeffers, carries a product in their Livestock Catalog called Whole Milk Fortifier that has vitimins and probios in it, a really quality product! Remeber that breeding season is in full swing July 15th in most breeds, don't let those little guys breed their sisters! Vicki McGaugh

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