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Re: Pushing up the price and overpriced goats

Posted by Michael on April 06, 2001 at 11:57:00:

In Reply to: Pushing up the price and overpriced goats posted by Zealot on April 06, 2001 at 07:36:38:

Dear Zealot:
Possibly I understand your frustration, not sure. But, please don't compare animals that are generally available in an auction with those that are available elsewhere, such as someone's farm. I can understand the confusion a newcomer can have going to an auction and seeing goats sell for $100, then go visit a farm and have the breeder ask 5 or 10 times that amount. I am primarily speaking for Boer goats, which is what I have on my farm. There is no "suggested retail" price for breeders to use when pricing their animals. It has been my experience that breeders use many different factors to determine their price and these factors may deviate from one breeder to another. Some breeders are very passionate about their goats and a "love" factor may be applied to the animal. I generally cannot afford the "love" factor so I usually thank the owner and quitely leave. Then there is the "transfer" factor. The owner made a mistake by paying too much for the animal, so he wants to tranfer that mistake to me. However, there are many breeders,which tune into this web site, that take very good care of their animals and practice excellent management practices. Excellent managment is a factor that I am willing to pay for within reason. I have visited many auctions and actually bought my first goats at one. I thought I really had a wonderful herd, UNTIL I visited some of the farms where Boers are managed and cared for. Suddenly, my herd did not look so good. I know that you are probably not alone thinking that some goats are overpriced (particularly the Boer). But, I don't think that there is a conspiracy to rip you off. You just have to consider all the factors. And as for Boers, it has been and continues to be the factor of "supply and demand". As supplies get more abundant, then demand will decrease and thus the price. We have already seen this in the Boer industry. The first Boers brought to this country sold for many thousands of dollars. That hasn't been that long ago either. So cheer up, as each days/months/years passes, you will get more for your $100 than you did the day before. Goatworld is a wonderful place to just sit back and listen to what other breeders are saying. I think after a lot of listening to these folks, you will begin to understand the difference in an auctioneer and a qualified breeder. P.S. (There are some good animals that can be found at an auction at a bargain price, but buyer beware)

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