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Posted by anne on June 01, 2000 at 12:32:51:


I've had goats for 5 years and love them. I've come across a problem that I've never experienced before. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. I have a nubian/boar cross kid who was born on april 14, 2000 to a mom who could only handle two kids and so I removed this one after two days to raise on the bottle with goat milk from another goat who kids were already weaned. Anyway shes been gaining weight and doing well up until three weeks ago when she began to scour. She was recieving 9 1/2 oz three times a day with three Tbls of goat pellets and hay. The area she is kept in is clean and dry and she does get out with the rest of the goats to pasture. They were wormed on ivemectrin.She has no temperature well she has a normal temperature and is playful and happy. Three weeks ago she began to scour and after treatment she stopped. At the time she was geting about three oz of milk and three oz of pedialite. SO I began to add in the additional feed to continue growth and she began to scour again. She eats as if she cannot get enough (goes at it with mouth wide open and doesn't seem to even breath) this in turn brings on the scours again. Currently she is drinking 7 !/2 oz of milk and three tbls of pellets which she inhales as well as everything that is nailed down and I know she will scour again at this rate. I know its not overeaters Disease but has anyone experienced anything like this. I could use some help Thank you for anything. Shes sweet and I really care about her.

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