Re: Viscious case of pinkeye

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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on December 01, 2000 at 12:17:21:

In Reply to: Viscious case of pinkeye posted by GoatWorld on November 30, 2000 at 12:03:43:

Gary, I also would use the Terremyacin, and leave the LA 200 in the fridge. It seems to work great for chlymidia type pinkeye if you catch it very early and get them on the shots, then of course you should use Biomycin it has a gentler carrier and can be given subq. Once an eye ulcers, like you have to not use any of the steriod type things folks have been telling you, like the Dex, Gentomycin eyedrops folks have come up with, or hydrocortizone ointments. You can cause permanent blindness using this type of stuff on an ulcerated eye. Goat medicine doesn't recommend any of the spray or puffer type products as the powder actually irritates the eye evening more. Lots of folks will just use and udder infusion tube as their antibiotic salve for the eyes, and we used Albadry before when terremyacin was temporarily not available one year. Not sure if any of the udder infusions have a tetracycline base in them, but that would be a perfect solution for you to use. I purchased the ID-1 to use if we came down with this again this year, didn't so haven't used it, though I know Ron has a testimonial of someone using this as an eye drop and giving orally at the same time. Just think your little guy is was past the point of a remedy working, and I don't know any goat even with severe pinkeye that went blind, though I have seen them with cloudy parts to thier eye if you looked closely. Good luck with you little guy! Vicki

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