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Re: New Wormer????

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Posted by Helene on August 30, 2002 at 05:36:39:

In Reply to: Re: New Wormer???? posted by GoatWorld on August 29, 2002 at 21:52:05:

Hi are right, this stuff does come in "large" tubes from what my husband says. He said you could also purchase smaller tubes, and he went on to say it is very expensive, but anyone he talked to that has cattle has been using it on their goats too!! Then again, I have also known people here to use the cattle wormer that comes in pill form on their goats in the past..

I would definatly be afraid of giving it to any of our goats that might be bred, so I would have to wait to worm the does until after they kid. I do not like worming pregnant does to begin with, unless I absolutly have to. We wormed Eris just before she kidded, as per the advise of our vet, but I was not too crazy about doing so. We did our CD&T's at the begining of the spring/summer, so nothing to worry about there.
I am not seeing any signs of worms in the goats, but definatly some signs in the calf, who has not been wormed yet anyway.

Anyway I am getting off track..sorry..Yes it did remind me of the Advantage that they use on dogs. Our calves, and my inlaws calves have the ear tags that are "suppose" to repel flies. No this stuff is definatly suppose to be a wormer, and also help w/the fleas and ticks etc..If you can find out anything else about it, let me know, and when I find out the name I will post it..and do a little research on it and let you know.

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