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Posted by Karen on August 30, 2002 at 14:22:38:

Hey all I just got off the phone w/my little sister she is in the midst of a major crisis and needs our prayers. 16 years ago she bought a horse her and that horse "Max" have had a lot of ups and downs togather. She has Lupus and because of how it effected her she cannot ride very often (sever osteoperosis @26) but still enjoys seeing him and spending time with him. This past spring "Max" had his own health crisis he developed Laminitis/Founder. In order to save "Max" his weight had to drop a considerable amount (200#'s I think). Since winter is setting in we took him to the clinic to be weighed and have a check up, sure enough the diet worked to well "Max" now needed to gain 50#-75#'s should have been no problem. Two days after the apt. he started to act funny sort of colicy so he was given Banimine yesturday morning. I checked him in the afternoon and he was still ok. This am he again went down. By the time I got the ER call on "Max" they decided to get a local vet. She gave him an injection of Bandimine and said if he gets sick again take him to the horse clinic. "Max" is now at the horse clinic, and it does not look good. He has a sand impaction colic and is give a 70% chance of surviving surgery @ a cost of $3,500. I know they will find the $ if they decide but hope they do not have to make that choice. Given his present condition, his past history and his age (18), he is not a good canidate for surgery. To this point "Max" has been given oil to hopefully help him pass this impaction himself he has until morning to do so before a final decision is made. They have been through so much togather if you all could pray for him to pass the sand it would really mean alot to her. "Max" also has a good friend "Billy" that could use your prayers and thoughts as well. "Billy" is a Nubian X wether that never leaves "Maxs" side if something happens to his horse he will be devistated. Thanks in advance I will let you know what happens.....

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