That "new wormer" I was talking about

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Posted by Helene on September 02, 2002 at 11:00:23:

Well would you just believe that we had that wormer I was telling you about, the pour on, over at our house the other day, and I will be damned if I remembered to write the name down. But I can tell you this. It is called Ivomec E?????. It comes in a pouch sort of, w/an applicator gun, you measure the amount you are suppose to give, then squirt it out on the animals back. My husband read the back of the directions and of course it does not say it is approved for goats, which comes as no surprise (smile).. According to the label it definatly is for worms, and also helps with fleas and ticks and lice. It says it is safe enough for you to worm your cattle with it if they are prenatal, will not cause abortions, and there is supposedly no wait time if you are milking and consuming the milk of the cow, or if you want to send it to slaughter.

As I said, my husband has heard of people using it on their goats, but I just did not want to chance it. We have does that may be bred, and just because it says it is safe for cattle that are prenatal doesn't mean it is the same for goats. Bill E Jack had too many problems for me to be "testing" things on him, and I do not want to "test" it on the new kids, or on Bubba our other buck.

I wanted to call my vet and see what he has to say about it, but I decided against it. Evidently people are having problems w/the new partners etc at our vet, and it is hard to get a hold of the one "good vet" that is left. Which causes another problem, now I have to see if we can find a new vet, these other new ones don't know anything about goats, and people who are bringing their cattle to them are also having problems.

Anyway, if anyone has heard of this wormer, or used it on their goats I would love to hear back from you. It runs probably $100-$125 for the jug I am not sure if they have a smaller sized jug.

Have a wonderful Labor Day

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