Kids in October

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Posted by Mary on September 10, 2002 at 05:48:34:

Ehhhh. I think it's pretty definate....Rosie will be kidding in October. It all happened back in May. My billy yard borders my doe yard, and the gate to the billy yard is in the doe yard. It is a strong gate, that I always secure it tightly, so I don't have any unwanted visits. The gate opens "in" to the billy yard, so he couldn't push through during a moment of "despiration" . I thought it was all set. Well, back in May, I went out one day to visit, and looking over the girls, I didn't see Rosie. I was getting panicky....I ran into the yard looking, looking, calling. Then I look into the billy yard, and here comes Rosie, sacheting out of the billy goat barn. If she had been human, I would have pictured her buttoning up her blouse. You get the picture. "Hey Mom....whats all the excitement about?", the little hussy. What I figured happened is that she must have pushed the gate in at the bottom, and squeezed her way in. Well, the bottom of the gate was immediately chained. No more of those visits. I've been fretting over her being pregnant. She turned 1 in May, and now it looks like she will be kidding in October(she is bagging up). Now, we are in Upstate NY. It is not uncommon to have snow in October, and the harsh winter usually continues from there. Have any of you ever had kids during the winter months??? Any words of advise or encouragement perhaps?? She has two shots against her already...she's just a year old, and delivering in the cold. I'm so worried.

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