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Re: Kids in October

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Posted by Karen on September 10, 2002 at 08:17:11:

In Reply to: Kids in October posted by Mary on September 10, 2002 at 05:48:34:

Here in Michigan we get some real cold winters and used to plan for January - March babies. Durring this time we check the does several times a day and have them isolated in a warm straw stall. Our goats have shelters that are run ins into the barn and it never failed that first timers would freshen right next to the door, so unless I was there to catch them the kids would not make it. We would be careful to put a heat lamp (like you use for chicks) above the stall but out of goat reach. It still keeps the chill off of the babies. Keeping the drafts our seemed to be the most important part of having winter babies. If you pull the kids be careful to keep the stall very clean as the lamp will cause the urine in the stall to evaparate and this in turn can cause lung scald and pnumonia. I have also seen where plastic pickle barrels are used for just kids and the brooder lite is placed in the top of the barrel to keep them warm. If they are left on the doe this barrel can be put in a corner of the stall so the kids can enter and exit as they get cold or need to nurse. This year we are kidding in the next few weeks to month and will not be setting up any thing special for them. Our last set was born when the nites were in the 60's but since they were born durring the day they were stronge enought by nite to handle the cold. As for her being young I would just keep a close eye on her. Some young does do not understand what is going on and it takes a bit for them to let the kids nurse. Others take to it like it was just meant to be. I know of a few breeders who always breed late yearlings and don't have problems. I only breed at 2 years and up unless we have an "accident" which has been know to happen. Good luck

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