Sanaan Eggs

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Posted by Karen on September 12, 2002 at 16:20:08:

The one thing we thought goats couldn't do but sure would be nice if the did was lay eggs. Well my lovely Sanaan doe aptly named Sanaan, has laid an egg. It was a rather large egg, light pink in color and very carefully set in a nest. Now I know some of you will probally think I lost my mind (Dalice) but not this time. She was clearly laying in the nest with the egg. She did this two days ago and while I have found other eggs in the nest I have not yet found another Sanaan egg. It is possible that the brown eggs came from my LaMancha doe as she is brown and clearly getting ready to pop. My guess is she must contain about 100 or so LaMancha eggs. I did find one blue egg and have yet to discover the goat that laid that one. Maybe you can help me on that. I have a couple of black goats, one is speckled I would think she would lay speckled eggs not blue. I do have several Boer does maybe they are the odd ones out. Also there is a few brown goats other than the LaMancha doe I suppose they could have laid the blue egg. At any rate the goats seem to lay better than the chicken as when I was collecting chicken eggs I only got 1 per day per 20 birds, they free-range and hide the nests. Now I only have 13 does of the egg laying age in that pen and have been getting 3-4 eggs per day for the last 3 days. You do the math. Maybe it's because they don't free-range and can't hide the nests or maybe they are just trying to show up the chickens. I am thinking the later goats are obnoxious little people and like to do such things. I only have one other delema. Since it is clear now that goat kids are hatched and not born should I incubate the eggs or cook them, maybe I should call the local news station? Bet they would come out!

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