My trip to buy a goat

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Posted by CJ on September 24, 2002 at 07:33:24:

I just wanted to share my little story about buying a new goat. Sunday we set out to look at a goat I found online. She is a registered 94% Boer that has been bred back to a 100% boer already. I got her cheap and she is healthy. Anyway, our trip was for the one goat. I came home with 4. lol. The guy was thinning out his herd but was very picky about who he sold to. Him and his wife were worried about the goats ending up on someone's dinner table. When I told him about my 2 wethers I bought just to save them from the same thing he said he would make me a deal on a young registered billy but I had to take 2 young "mutt" goats too. So now they are all in my goat pen. lol. I don;t need the 2 little ones but they are here now. I can't let anything happen to them either. I also had to promise to send pics when they grow up. I'm glad my b/f didn't get upset about it. He just grinned at me and shook his head. He knows they are all here for good. Just like the horse I got hurt on a few times and can't ride but I won't get rid of him either. He's a sweetie. though. he gives hugs. He just don't like to be rode. Maybe he has flashbacks from his rodeo bronc days. lol.

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