Max OT and my day

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Posted by Karen on September 25, 2002 at 05:06:58:

Well I started out my day (after chores of course) @11am heading for the vet clinic to pick up 10 doses of West Nile. Talk about a major expense but hopefully well spent as there has been alot of horse related deaths near us. The 45 minute trip took about an hour or so because of construction, gotta love it. Once there I tried to brib the desk clerk into trading the vacc. for a nice lunch my treat of course, she said that while it sounded nice Dr. wouldn't be to happy. Since he was kind enough to give me the meds instead of having me pay the $100 farm call I agreed. So off in the other direction I went to give Max his vacc. before going home. Poor old fart he just knew what was going to happen but he stood like a pro. Max seems to be doing better his attitude has greatly improved and he has stopped loosing weight. The lump on his neck doens't look to good but it is improving as well. Dr. seems to think his vein has shut down from trying to reject the IV that he had at the hospital. Unfortunatly he is still not wanting to move much so he has some swelling up to the hocks on both back legs as well as his sheath and just up his belly a bit. If it doesn't improve he will have to go on water pills. So trying to be helpfull I told Max he was going to walk and proceeded to lead him. He told me that he was just fine in the barn, skinny as he is I can't pull a 1000# horse, I am not that buff. So like some sort of freak I started to swing the lead rope around and yell at him. He put his ears back and troted around the pen 3 times before I decided that I couldn't run anymore. Because of course I had to run with him to keep him moving, that was his idea not mine. I hate to run, everything bounces to much. Anyway that done I was off to the grocery store. After picking on the clerk and the bagger I tried to walk off w/o paying, talk about feeling like an ideot. Then it was off to the school to get the boys. As I was enjoying watching the kids on the playground one of the kids fell off the monkey bars and landed hard. So many people were running back and forth so I went to see if they needed help. Poor little guy had broke his arm between the elbow and his shoulder, he was so brave though, until they tried to cut his shirt but still he calmed right down. Then it was grab the kids and head home finally @3pm. Once home I started dinner caught up on emails, packed a pair of chaps up for shipping. I even got to sit down for a couple of minutes then off to do chores drop round bales finish dinner eat dinner and bed at about 12:30am after waking up freezing on the couch. This morning I am wondering why am I so tired???? Goathater is going to his Dads this weekend and I am staying home, since Penny the LaMoncha seems to think she needs to be pregnant forever. I am looking forward to te peace and quiet time. Anyway better get his breakfast and check the fire. I love my fireplace this time of year!!

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