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Posted by Karen on November 05, 2002 at 19:25:51:

I feel so bad... I traded a pair of chaps for this tiny little Nubian doeling Elizebeth back in July. Well the little squeak was on a bottle and needed a safe place with others to grow and play with. So she got put in with my Jacob lambs since they were the same size. A suposed good friend of mine (DALICE) said little Lizzy would grow up thinking she was a wooly not a goat. I told her she was full of it. Because the weather is getting bad here in Michigan I pulled out Granny a very old ewe from the flock and put her in with the lambs then to make room put Lizzy out with the goats. 3 days later she has lost her voice, refuses to eat grain, eats some hay, and will not go in the barn where she cannot see her sheep. Today I got home from Dr.ing my horse at the trainers (another long and now funny story for later), and Lizzy was out in the snow and the rain, crying and shivering for all she was worth. Poor dear wouldn't even come when I called her, so I changed my boots and went back out in the cold to save her. I got halfway to where she was and she looked at me, started screaming MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA and ran to me for all she was worth. She was so pathetic I had to laugh, she is so wide in the front she looks bowlegged and her ears were flopping, and she just yelled all the way up to me. So now Granny ewe and Lizzy are togather with the lambs in one big happy box stall. Granny is so old when she buts heads she puts her head down and grunts so I am sure that she will be fine. Lizzy thinks sheep are her private jungle gyms she just loves to stand on them so she is happy. And since the lambs are no longer bawling I am guessing they are happy. Wonder what I will do when I breed the little brat......use a buck or ram she will probally prefer the ram then I will have Geeps or Sheats. ; ) better go and check on them.

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