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Posted by Mary on November 07, 2002 at 13:45:47:

In Reply to: LILY is home!!! posted by Dalice on November 07, 2002 at 10:31:37:

Ahhhh, poor Lily....and you mean old mommy for being mad at her for her intestinal upset.LOL This story brings back memories of when I brought Kate (our airedale) to the vets for her shots. She had always traveled fairly well....drooled a little, but that was it. Well, this trip didn't go too smooth. About halfway to the vets, she is sitting up front with me, and projectile vomits all over the front window, which then dripped down into the vents....ehhh. Well, I had my son in the carseat in the back, and couldn't very well stop and take her for a walk on the side of the road, so I threw her in the back seat. After a short distance the smell hit me...I look back.....diarrhea all over the back seat....and yes she stepped in it too...YUK....So here my car is destroyed in the front and the back, puppy making it worse by the moment running through the mess.... I was freaking out...what to do??? I traveled a little further, and then decided....something has to be done, or I was going to loose my cookies too. Soooooo, I pulled over on the side of the road with cars wizzing by, and attempted to clean up the mess. Thank god my son was still in the toddler stage, so I was prepared with baby wipes, some paper towels, a few pampers...I basically used anything that I could find to clean up. I must have been a sight on the side of the road, trying to hold on to the puppy-on-a-leash, and clean up the mess...not only in the car, but all over her as well. Well, needless to say, by the time I got to the vets, I was exhausted, smelly, and marked with bits of poop and vomit. When I brought her into the vets, she says.....oh my god....she wins the worlds cutest puppy award....yeah right. Well, it's a couple of years later, and Kate has pretty much outgrown her car sickness, but the smell and memory is still fresh in my mind. Yep Dalice...been there and done that......but I bet with a dog Lily's size...hmmmmm I can just imagine her output in the van. LOL Still, you gotta love em. Keep us posted on her pregnancy!

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