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Posted by goat mom on November 10, 2002 at 12:09:08:

In Reply to: Barbados sheep posted by Deborah on November 10, 2002 at 09:53:49:

Deborah- Black belly barbados sheep are right up my ally.I have raised nearly a hundred in the last eleven years.[Maybe more]
A word of caution,they stay wild unless you bottle feed them , even then watch out .My bottle feed ram lies dead as we speak, HE DID attack me one day when I was moving some of his girls to another farm. I would not be telling this story today if my naighbor hadnt been here. He grabbed the ram on his 2nd pass at me , nearly lost his knee cap but he held on to him.Got him back in his pen but the ram growled at every one that went near him after that. Iloved Josh but could never trust him again. NOW the rest of the story- this behavior was egged on by adult men wrestling with him ,thinking it was cute when they could make him growl..Just 3 weeks later ,right here in alamosa colorado a lady was killed by her pet ram.
My sheep and goats still run together an I have only seen a goat attempt to breed a sheep once.And believe it or not that was just yesterday. Thier cromes are just 2 away from each others [ I think] I'll let you know in 5 months.
As for feeding, They all get the same feed .The only difference IS sheep are NOT supposed to have copper and goats Do need it.I feed every thing Free choice Including. 12-12 minerals with copper added,So far I have never lost a sheep, I dont think they will eat it if they have a choice not to. I keep out all kinds of plain salt blocks And cattle mineral blocks.
This warnig is Not to scare you ,but do be careful they are wild by nature... Goat mom

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