What's wrong with Patrick??..any suggestions??

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Posted by Helene on November 14, 2002 at 05:55:53:

Never a dull moment, I knew it was to good to be true when I thought everyone was "safe and sound"

We have a 6 month old LaBoer, Patrick. He has "not been feeling good" for the past week. Not sure what is wrong, or what to do, I have tried everything I could think of.

Patrick started off, going off by himself, not eating and sitting around w/his head down not interested in anything.

We have given him anti-biotics, pro bios, even B12 shots. He has no temp and his gums are nice and pink. No runny nose, or anything like that either. I have not seen him poop..but that does not mean he has not..but he is definatly loosing weight from not eating.

Ok so now he does not necessarly go off by himself, he hangs w/the other goats, but still lays around, and with his head down..like a scolded child you know what I mean? He has little to no energy. I have not seen him eat..Not even any treats that I bring over to my goats. He did eat one night, just a little bit. But I have seen him go over to the salt lick and have some of that. He does walk around during the day but not for long, He goes over to Eris (his mom) and kind of rubs up on her..and puts his head on her back..like mooommmm I don't feel good.. When I go behind the gates to check on him..he will just stand or sit there..and put his head down.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Patrick is very important to us, he is our son Wes's goat..Wes is the son who lost Nicholas, and I really cannot bare him loosing another, but I am out of ideas. I do not know how much longer he will be able to last without eating. I am going to try and force feed some gator aide into him..if he lets me...I really cannot call the vet, because our vets that were so wonderful, are no more. The veternary group has been taken over by some new vets, none really have any experience w/goats and to be honest, I have even stopped taking my dogs there, because a lot of people have had bad experiences w/them.

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