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Posted by Karen on November 24, 2002 at 20:27:29:

Well Goathater left for the UP on Sat. am way early. Everytime he leaves something happens. One year I went into labor way early, another time we got 3' of snow since I am 4'11" 3' is a big deal. So far so good although it has started snowing I think we have a couple of inches so far. Due to the typical family wars at least one sister will not be going as well as one niece from another part of the family. The goats are all doing well the Boers seem to love the snow the rest of them are not very happy. Poor little Lizzy who thinks she is a sheep is warm and cozy in the stall with her lambs. Two maybe three of them will be pulled out when Goathater gets home. The have grown quite large and I think we will breed them to our Suffolk ram that we can't seem to give away. The Jacob ewe lambs will have to wait until next fall sometime. I can't remember if I told you all the one Boer baby we had this has been sold. I put his price up high enough he would not go for meat, way to nice for that. Also I thought it was high enough nobody would take him w/o papers, I was wronge. He is leased out at the moment but once he comes home he will be gone again. We had to move the sheep before Goathater left on his trip the pen they were in is just too wet and no shelter with the snow comming that was not good. So on Friday we fenced, cleaned out the barn and moved and wormed all the big sheep....all 21 w/o a dog. We caught them in a makeshift catch pen except for Lurch the 400# yearling Columbia ram. He had to be roped, now that was fun...he is big enough to pull both of through the muddy mess that was the sheep pen. That was not as funny as Goathater jumping on one of the ewes in the catch pen though,,,,,he missed and it was nasty mud that he landed in. And for once I did not get run over or kicked, I did get bit once but not bad and a gate for the truck racks fell on my leg (that still hurts) BUT for the first time I did not get run over or kicked. Goathater said we could move the Jacobs if I really missed it. I said no they don't often run me over but they do hook me every time. Once we got the big sheep moved it was so funny they are now sharing (but in differant parts) the barn and a fence line with the goats. Penny my big LaMoncha grew about 6"s when the sheep walked up to say hi. The rest of the goats just ran ears flapping in the wind, now they could care less. Really I think they didn't care in the first place they just have to show off. Anyway gotta run there is so much to do tomorrow and only me to do it. Have a good one all.

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