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Posted by Helene on November 25, 2002 at 10:35:26:

In Reply to: Re: Good Morning All...OT posted by goat mom on November 23, 2002 at 13:58:40:

Now Goat Mom you KNOW as well as I do that there is no such thing as a "goat proof barn"..LOL..

To change the subject..sorry..

You know, I have been outside watching the "new kid" (no name yet) since he has been born, and you know I have come to the conclusion that Bill E Jack, his such a good daddy! Bill E Jack is our 100% Boer for anyone who does not know, and he did it w/Patrick and now he is doing it with the new one as well. Every time that little one gets too far from his mamma he will scream..she will answer him back..but Bill E Jack will go running to make sure he is ok..then "takes" him over to his mother. I never thought a buck did this..and he is so gentle with him, as smelly as he is (smile)..

The little guy's best friends are also our Great Pyr Ralph and our will find him snuggled up with either one of them during the day when mamma is off eating or hanging w/the other is just so funny..I swear we have a circus around here!! To top it off, I think our calf thinks he is a goat LOL..When the little guy was born, I had to seperate the calf from the goats because I was afraid he was going to step on the kid. He mooo'd like crazy until I had no choice but let him out..the first thing he does is he runs over to the kid and gives him a big slurp with his tounge. He eats the bark from the trees..I never knew a cow to do this..Sad thing is, it is almost time for him to go back w/the other cows..You know I never get attached my calves..once they are off the bottle they do not normally come over to us anymore, and well..they are just not goats..but this calf I have gotten attached to..He is so sweet..I tried talking my son into keeping him here..but to be honest he will be better off over w/the other cows with more room to grow etc..

Why am I rambling (smile)


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