Life on our "mini farm"

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Posted by Helene on December 02, 2002 at 12:31:24:

Oh..if I had a video camera yesterday I think we may have just won America's Funniest Videos..

It all started when my older son comes running in the house to tell me that someones cat is stuck way up in one of our pine trees on the woodsline and cannot get out. I asked him if he could try to get it down, Todd said he would try but the ladder is not that big and that cat was way up there..on a swaying branch on top of everything else, screaming!!

So I go outside to see if I can help..Todd opens the gates and evidently had the other set of gates thing you know the goats are out and are into the feed bin, because one of my kids left the top off..

Soo..I call my other son to try and help me get them back in..yea right!!!!! Then the dog gets out..before I can get to the gates, the calf decides he wants out too...Then I call Todd to try and help me get these suckers back in.

The calf decides to take off running..Todd chases him, grabs onto his tail and it was like a cartoon because there is the calf running..Todd my 200 LB 16 yr old son hanging onto this tail as this calf is dragging him...Then I hear Wes scream..I turned my head to see why..he closed the feed bin and Bill E Jack our Boar Buck did not like that..charged him and had him pinned up against the barn door ramming him in the legs..I have no idea where to turn..then I hear my 4 yr old yelling I will get the cat..

You have to understand this is all happening in like split seconds and all at once..I have Zak my 4 yr old trying to climb up this ladder, I just don't know which way to turn..I could not get Todd to let go of the Calves tail..and poor Wes is scared to death pinned up against the barn... finally..I get Bill E Jack off of Wes and the goats in the barn..of course the dog follows..and get the calf in the holding pen..forget about the cat..he is too high up to get to..

So I get in the house..I smell like goat now really bad..go into my room to take a shower..look out my front window first and see my son Todd running down the street this time chasing the he got out again..I have no idea..I just plopped down on the bed and though ohhh goooooooooddddddd..

Needless to say we never got the cat down..He was just up too high..I guess he got down though, because he was not up there this morning..


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