Polled vs nonpolled opinions anyone

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Posted by Kerrie on December 13, 2002 at 04:55:26:

Actually that is not the question, was wondering if anyone knows anything about genetics in goats and could kind of give me an answer. I have had 2 genetics classes in college so I understand it, just have questions about goats. I have heard people say they will not breed a polled goat ever, and some say they will only use polled billies, and others say does only, some say both. Now I don't understand what the problem here is genetically. If you are not line breeding what would the problem be? I figure that as long as the polled pair is not related there should not be any problems. This is how they come up with polled cattle(except i think they are line bred to an extent). So i am asking what is the danger geneticlly? For polled goats. I have heard a lot of opinions but no written material that has actually worked on this. Is there a problem with fertility? Or are there other genetic problems carried with the gene that causes polled goats? I met a lady who has some polled goats and she is breeding for polled offspring which she wants to get a line going. I was surprised because I had heard so many opinions on not doing it.She has an excellent herd whos linear appraisals increase every yr. She has had no problems and has a billy and a couple of does. But i think her oldest is a year old billy don't remember if she had any kids in the spring. I understand you will have to do some line breeding unless you have two different lines throwing polled kids and bring those together.I have found very little on this and was just curious. I think this cold be done without decreasing milk production or confirmation and have any other genetic problems, as long as your records were very stringent. I think it would be great to not have to disbud any babies. Please let me know how off base I am.

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