Wether goat question

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Posted by Karen on December 29, 2002 at 08:06:28:

My sister has a ten year old wether goat with some sort of problem. It seems that he has a snotty nose I doubt that is a big deal as most of our goats and sheep are snotty due to the changing weather here. What is odd is that Billy (yes Maxs goat) will no longer eat grain. He had been fighting off his new pony so that the pony could not get the grain that he himself did not want anyway. Goat logic. But Billy is no longer keeping the pony from the grain. My Mom who is the goat/pony sitter said that somebody has a concetrated urine, it is orange in color. Now since the pony and goat are housed togather we don't know who it belongs to, also the way the housing is set up I don't think they could be separated. First I told her to give him free choice Baking Soda then she told me about the urine. I looked up what the archives said and told her to give him some of what ever it was. Sorry brain cramp but we have all had the flu all weekend. Yea for Christmas break. Anyway back to the goat I also told her she needs to find out if Billy can pee or not and call the vet asap. Any insite into this would be great as I do not keep wethers for more than a year and only run one or two bucks at a time as so far this has not been a problem for us. The smell comming from Reptar and the pee stains on his entire body is proof of that so far. Thanks in advance.

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