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Posted by GoatWorld on January 02, 2003 at 19:07:54:

Baby boom in China on the cards--since goat year is coming

Beijing, Jan 2 (ANI):

As the Chinese prepare to welcome the Year of the Goat in just a months time, a baby boom is supposed to occur throughout the country with many women waiting to have their babies born in the Year of Horse. The reason for the hurry is the belief that those born in the Year of the Goat would have bad luck all their lives.

Many couples apparently made sure to conceive in time before the inauspicious Year of the Goat begins. It is widely believed that the goat is one of the less auspicious signs in the Chinese zodiac.

The goats association with nomadic pastoral culture may have something to do with the prejudice. The word also signifies sheep: an indication that both animals were regarded historically as "barbarian" imports from the wrong side of the Great Wall.

Getting the timing right to have the permitted child is another hurdle for Chinese couples, who already face problems in starting a family unknown elsewhere, reports The Guardian.

The people in this country have to limit their family to one child unless they have enough money to pay the eventual fines. And, moreover, if they work for a state organisation, they must also ensure that there is room in the quota allocated to their "work unit".

However, some smart couples see advantages in making sure their baby is born in the coming goat year because fewer children will mean less competition for places at school, college, and eventually for jobs.

Others of a more superstitious mind point out that the character for goat, yang, is used in several auspicious combinations, including xiang, which indicates good fortune.

Tall tales about zodiac signs enjoy particular popularity around the time of the Chinese New Year. Earlier, when the Year of the Snake began in 1991 some Chinese said they would avoid eating snake meat so as not to incur bad luck. Many others sought it because snakes are thought to be exceptionally clever.

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