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Posted by Karen on January 23, 2003 at 05:14:31:

Well I got up a bit late this am the house was freezing so I put the coffee on (priorities right?) and went downstairs to check the fire. Of course on the coldest nite of the winter (-1 real temps) it was out. I restarted the fire, got the boys some pop tarts and clothes and started to rush everybody out of bed. Just as the boys are getting around Caleb decides he is sick so I check his temp....nothing so I figure he is faking. Goathater stumbles to the living room and plops in his chair turns on the news and of course Bangor schools are closed, I could have stayed in bed!!!! About that time the boys decide to go back to bed since it's still dark, 5 minutes later Caleb goes running by....he is not faking and now I feel bad. Right now I am very happy to have round bales as most of the chores are done. Gus, Calebs pony will need to be fed as will the sheep who by the way are not happy to be locked in the barn. They seem to love this weather, it's like looking out at a bunch of snow hills then one lifts it's head up, stands , shakes and goes to eat. We have had more "dead sheep" over the years that all the sudden just popped up and started running. The goats haven't gotten out of bed yet they may not for awhile, the cold hasn't bothered them to much but then it hasn't been this cold yet either. The ones I feel the worst for is the sheep they will be sheered on Sat. or at least that is the plan. Goathater says it's supposed to warm up all the way to 20 or so, of course that opens a bunch of problems we have had problems with pnumonia in the past and crazy weather normally starts it off. I think though that I would take that risk it's better than finding little lamb sickles all over the place. Well my coffee cup is out gotta run hope you all stay warm

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