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Posted by Karen on January 29, 2003 at 12:43:53:

In Reply to: Photo for Karen posted by GoatWorld on January 29, 2003 at 05:12:33:

OK the first photo is Caleb my goat rider, he just lost both his front teeth and is ever so proud of it. The second photo shows that not all goats detest the snow....of course we feed round bales outside, it also shows a little of the wonderful fencing that Goathater put up for me. The first goat on the fence is Saanan, she came to us two years ago with twin BoerX doelings you can see one of them at the back of the photo peeking over the hay. Her name is either Chubby or Gimpy, Chubby has a crooked horn thats about the only way to tell them apart. The white diamond shaped blob behind Saanan is Boer doe clearly in a prego state, no doubt her two year old doeling is next to her but she is all red and blended in the photo. The Nubian laying down in front is Star a 2yr daughter of Butterscotch (died last year of milk fever,pnumonia) Calebs best riding goat. We hope that she will ride as well and Caleb is happiliy expecting his first set of babies. The large LaMoncha in the center next to the boer twin is my favorite, Penny we think she may be cystic now as she seems to not be comming into heat and acts more like a buck than our buck does. She will be retired to the buck pen for the summer as she torments the does and then put in with them in the fall to help determine heats. Thats not even close to all the girls but unfortunalty this is not a good photo. It was very cold out and I was just not going to stay out any longer. In the back you can sort of see a black goat with tan splashes that would be Fancy a young Nubian, she has a tan colored twin. There are two more white goats in the photo one is the twin to the boer doeling the other is our buck Reptar. Anyway just thought I would share a bit.

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