Re: Safe/effective wormers for preg. does?

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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on December 30, 2000 at 18:15:59:

In Reply to: Safe/effective wormers for preg. does? posted by Nat on December 30, 2000 at 17:40:12:

First off I wouldn't be worming any of my goats at 54 days bred unless I knew what worms I had and if I indeed have worms. Between the time of the year, Fall/Winter and my goats, we have very low worm burdens during pregnancy, and it is very important to start the pregnancy with a low worm burden. For lungworms you would have had to be using Ivermectin Plus, using it orally at 2cc per 100 pounds to even touch it and I would have used Valbazen at 8cc per 100 pounds orally since I know at that dose it kills lungworm, just for information, you do not know a goat has lungworm from a cough, or normal fecal sampling, it is a very specific type of test.

I worm with Valbazen 8cc per 100 pounds orally or Ivermectin 1% cattle injectable 2cc per 100 pounds orally, or Cydectin Pour On at 1cc per 25 pounds orally. We have absolutly no information on Cydectin and birth defects which cause abortion so we won't be using this until the does freshen, we know that Valbazen has a cattle warning for the first 45 days of pregnancy for the 9 month pregnancy of a cow, so if this is 45 days of a 9 month pregnancy, what would that be for a goat with a 5 month pregnancy, point is extra label is just guessing, and even with Cydectin and the milk and meat withdrawl, have you tested or know anyone who has tested to know if using it orally and on goats, that it keeps its zero milk and meat withdrawl? No....And Ivermectin has some information on it from Texas A&M trials that it causes long bone fusion used in the first 7 to 11 days of pregnancy.

You may say, well to be safe, than why not pull out the safeguard and use it. Well here at my farm to even get a respectable 60% kill of hemoncous (our number one worm we see 99% of the time) we would have to use it at 5 times the dosage, that is alot of wormer to be bombarding the goats rumen with. Right at the same time the babies are fast growing and smashing against her organs, slowing down her digestion already.

Lice, we do use 1cc per 110 pounds of 1% cattle injectable Ivermectin injected under the skin of all new stock that comes into the farm, for lice, but mostly for nosebots and ear mites. It works fast and works well, for any lice we have ever seen, I know that their is either biting or sucking lice that Ivermectin doesn't touch, but we have not seen this.

Everyone does things differently, you really ought to learn to fecal, and then you no longer have to take anyones word for this, you can set your own management knowing what works and not guessing. Can you perhaps tell I am slightly a little passionate about this information? I just hate it that Valbazen has earned this mostly Boer goat taboo, considering it is one of our best, most broad spectrum wormers, when used correctly, knowing the life cycle of the worm you are after, and to have a whole breed of goat owners not using it because of this 45 day warning, that has turned into a "never, never, never use it on a pregnant goat" and with boer owners usually running a buck with their does...........Vicki

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