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Posted by GoatWorld on January 14, 2001 at 10:33:14:

In Reply to: Doe with swollen teat posted by larry l fontenot on January 14, 2001 at 07:25:13:

Hi Larry,

Have you tried to milk the udder? Inspect it very carefully to see if there appears to be lumps inside that my be clogging the orifice. Also check the good teat to see what color the milk is. This may be mastitis. You may want to read through some of the articles on this under our Articles section.

I recently treated a doe prior to kidding that had mastitis. I do not know if this particular treatment will work on a doe that is milking but what I did was to give 1 cc of Gentamycin and 3 cc's of Penicillin G (300K IU) subq followed alternating every 12 hours. After the initial Gentamycin/Penicillin injections - 12 hours later, 3 cc's of Penicillin G, next 12 hours 1 cc Gentamycin, next 12 3 cc's Penicillin G.....etc. for a period of 5 days straight. This doe is now milking both teats correctly.

You may also want to get one of the ToDay udder infusion kits. I think Vicki McGaugh in a post further down discussed this method of treatment and dosage as well. Be sure to take any make you get and refrigerate it so you can send it in to see what kind of mastitis it may be.

By the way, are you certain that the kid got colostrum? You may want to get some colostrum replacer into him just in case. Something else we did too with the kids that were born with mastitis was to give them each a 1 cc injection of ID Liquid Supplement subq behind the shoulder not long after they were born - this as a "just in case" measure of protection.

Hope this helps.

Gary Pfalzbot

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