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Posted by Bernice on January 15, 2001 at 17:29:36:

In Reply to: CL disease in goats posted by hershel on January 14, 2001 at 19:17:39:

The national goat handbook has a good article in it on CL. also there are a few here in the articles secion on Cl that are very good too. The national goat handbook is available online, don't have addy handy but it comes up in a search right away. CL is a highly contagious bacteria that attacks the lymph node glands and can spread like wild fire. You will see it on abcesses on the head, below the ear is a commin sopt, but it can also show up on shoulders and udders as well.

You can lance the abcess after it gets to the point where it is big and the hair starts fallinf off. When you do this you have to be very sterile. Wear old clothes which you burn later and gloves and either put bread bags on your feet too. Lance the abcess by cutting it with an x and drain. A very stinky and geeenish cottage cheese substance will come out. Then just rinse with iodine and bleach the area well too, do this as far away as you can. Then isolate the doe and never put back with the rest, although its probasble the bacteria infected the other area too.
The problem with Cl is it can go internal as well which makes it scarier cause you can't see the inside. If internal they will grow skinny in some cases.
I would just cull the goat with it. Hope this helps. Alos try goingt ot alpinehause as well,

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