Re: postpartem doe has swollen labia

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Posted by Janet on January 23, 2001 at 12:18:42:

In Reply to: Re: postpartem doe has swollen labia posted by Vicki McGaugh on January 22, 2001 at 19:54:37:

Thankyou all for responding - I'm even newer to computers than I am to goats so please bear with me!I need to appologise for spelling the drug name wrong,its DEPOCILLIN, not depocillian.It contains Procaine Penicillin 300,000 IU/ml, and a preservative.Zelda is eating well and back to bossing everyone eles around today,labia still swollen but I think a little less than yeasterday. Kids are great, bouncing with the 11 others who got here before them. I gave Zelda another 6cc's of the penicillin this morning,and part of the drench dose -I wore alot of it too! I don't think I need to continue with the drench now I know she's eating well, but I thought one more shot of it would be good for her this morning, and I think they are good ingrediants to have on hand.I milked about a cup and a half from her big side this morning and again around noon, kids are still sticking to the other side.Zelda's milk looks and smells good. I last wormed my goats in late November, we used an oral paste. After chores this morning I went out and bought some Prep H,and will go back out soon to see how it worked!Still holding back on internal check,she's not in obvious discomfort and vet felt her normal temp made it unnessesary. Gotta admit I'm nervous about doing it too, and the further from birth time we get the less I think I should. I was with her for the kidding, she did alot of pawing and getting up and down, and first kid was born at 1215,Zelda started to shiver about 5 miutes before and then got serious and pushed him out.Second kid came about a half hour latter.Zelda licked and nuzzeled but also continued pawing stongly. I moved her and the kids about 10 feet, into a private pen with a heat light,and worried I had interupted her labour with the move, cause she stopped straining but did start to settle down. By 1500 both babies had nursed and were srong enough on thier feet to avoid her still occaisional pawing, and I had to go get ready for work.Checked her morning and evening for the next three days but saw no evidence of placenta passing.Anyway, sorry to be so long winded but I'm trying to be clear. And thanks Vickie - my vet is a good guy and readily available. So, do you think I'm on the right track? I plan to continue the penicillin once a day, the Prep H twice a day untill her labia go wrinkly again. And thankyou again - so much! for the words of advice and guidance (also plan to search the site for worming timing lessons).Will keep you informed on how this progresses. :) Janet

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