Goat Immuno Serum Question

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Posted by Sherry on January 29, 2001 at 10:38:03:

Previously I'd heard all kinds of wonderful tales regarding the Concentrated Goat Serum...how it helps give the kids' immune systems a little boost and helps stressed animals keep from becoming sick. The list of good stuff goes on and on. So, I decided that being a good goat mommie I wanted my little ones to have the best and I gave the babies the recommended 10cc shot at birth. One little doe was so weak at birth (Mom had a rough time) that I believe the serum probably saved her life. I have also used it on a few of the pregnant does that had runny noses or coughs or were just in need of a boost instead of antibiotics and they have shown marked improvement in just a day with no relapse.

I knew all along the serum is made from the blood of over-innoculated goats but all of a sudden people are suggesting that since this is a blood serum am I not worried about transmitting CAE to my animals? The thought had flitted through once or twice but I figured the blood was processed or something so no pathogens would be present. The stinky part is all the same people who recommended this stuff to me are the ones questioning it now!

So, what do all of you think? Is this stuff safe to use or isn't it? I sure hope it is because it has been good in the situations I've used it and I would hate to think the stuff that made my girls feel better might possibly give them a disease that will kill them. Any input is appreciated!

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