Treating mastitic doe - do I have to dump milk - or can kids have it?

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Posted by Nat on May 14, 2001 at 19:12:40:

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. Right in the middle of finals at college, and things have been absolutely crazy. (Like getting kicked in the head by an Angus Calf at work - Did I meantion that goats are just GREAT?!!don't usually need x-rays from a goaty

Anyway, I've got another question for everyone:

I've got my 4-y.o. 2nd freshenening doe that had mastitis when dry.... treated her.. had it cultured... Strap D. this was December... she kidded in April, had a bit of edema, she milked 8lbs her first milking (ouch!) That cleared up. Usually she milks 5lbs/milking -if anything was there it must have been subclinical at this point. So now, May 14 (after getting sick for 2 days, being off feed, dropping production and now comming back into milk slowly) she's passing nice clots at the start up of milking. I was to infuse her, and prob start pen G for a few days.

A) Is this the right way to go about things? Both sides are most likely infected (both pass clots at start up) and I have the bad habit of touching both teats with both hands -so it prob spred this way? I want to treat with "today" and infuse both sides.

B) This doe is feeding 2 kids. If I infuse - I have to dump the milk, even for feeding the bottle kids? Not sure how this works. If "yes" for how many days?

If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions on how to combat this, please let me know. I managed to get her udder almost normal this winter.. and with Nationals counting down.. AUGH....

Thanks again everyone!

-Nat's Little Bit Farm
Where rain is not in sight :-(

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