whether with diareaha, help!!

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Posted by Denise T. on April 18, 2001 at 05:52:33:

I have a whether that I purchased from a friend, actually I have 3 but only one has had diareaha for a week now since I brought tham home. We brought tham home on the 6th and on the 11th I noticed he had diareaha. We started with 12cc of keopectate twice daily for three days and it didn't clear up so my friend had Corid (sp) and we started him on 12cc a day for five days. this is the fifth day and this morning my daughter gave him the 12cc of corid and 12 cc of keopectate (sp). I have a call into the vet and they said to try back at 4:30 today to see if I can get him in. If not it will be sometime tomorrow. My daughter said she didn't know if she was going to get him up this morning. (not sure if she was just to concerned or what) I need any suggestions you can give. he is current on all shots and had a LA-200 before we brought him home. I feed the same as does my friend which is BOB White 18% goat feed and second cutting hay. I first had them in a pen with a shed (not enclosed) and Monday we moved them to a building that is enclosed because of the cold weather returning here in Ohio. He also has a snotty nose, kinda thick and not real clear but not yellow or green just kinda cloudy. They also have a small mineral block in with them. I am just sooo concerned about him because he was one of the better of the three goats we have for our girls to take to the fair in August. In the four years my oldest has taken goats I have never had this kind of problem. I have had them get a touch of diareaha and them get over it without medications. Please give me some hope he seems to be eating and drinking but I don't know what to do!!!
Thanks in advance I know someone out there will give me some great advise!!!

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