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Actual Goat Emergency - Just a reference for newbies
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Posted by GoatWorld on June 04, 2001 at 21:28:38:

This is/was a real goat emergency that occured with one of our goats today and I just thought I'd share what I did for some of the newbies out there. Not to say it's the right way but so far it has worked...

We have a young Saanen buck that had been weaned not too long ago. He was placed in the buck pen with several others his own age. Well today I noticed that he was just standing by himself, not chewing his cud and looking like the first gust of wind would blow him over. I've seen this before and it is usually the sign of something wrong.

I immediately took him out of the pen and took his temperature - 100. Kind of low. As soon as he was out of the pen, he took a slight interest in food (a good sign) so I gave him some fresh green oak leaves and had my wife mix up a batch of MAGIC (recipe in the Articles section).

Considering that our weather has been very wacky and that the last few days the temperature has been in the low 50's and 60's with over 3" of rain, and then today very humid and up in the hi 80's, I kind of thought that just maybe it might be the first sign of pneumonia. He had no diarrhea or other indicators of anything else at the time.

Believe me, if you do not act quickly with pneumonia, they will be gone in sometimes less than 24 hours. So I immediately gave him 1.5 cc's of Tylan 200 SubQ in the hind leg. Knowing that alone might not be enough, we gave him the MAGIC and 5 cc's SubQ of ID Liquid Supplement in the other leg.

Well, a couple of hours later, he still looked lethargic with only a minor interest in food so I propped him up in some hay and covered him up a bit but kept access to his mouth. I always keep on hand a bottle of Nutri-Drench that contains just about every essential vitamin and mineral needed. It states on the bottle "In the bloodstream in minutes" and I'm sure it does just that. I dosed the little fellow orally with about 15cc's very slowly so none of it would get in his lungs.

At that point I left him alone and propped up in the hay. I came back about an hour later to check on him and found him still propped up but eating more and with more interest than before. Much more responsive. That is always a good sign. I will check him later tonight (okay, every hour).

Now if this has worked, it won't be the first time but there have been times too that it hasn't worked. I think it all depends if you can catch them being "off" in time. The more of this I have gone through, the more I firmly believe that if they are still showing an interest in food or water, the better the chance they can be saved. If he is still doing well in the morning, I will give him another 1.5 cc's of Tylan 200 SubQ and 3 cc's of ID as well. More Nutri-Drench too. I'll keep this up for at least 5 days as long as I see continued improvement.

If I don't see continued improvement I may then have to switch medication - probably switching to Excenel (Naxcel) or Nuflor. This whole method pulled through one of our LaBoer kids a couple of months ago and like I said, it may not be the entire textbook way, but it has worked in the past and hopefully some useful information can be considered from all of this. I'll keep the Message Forum abreast of the situation.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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