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Wacky Weather
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Posted by GoatWorld on June 14, 2001 at 21:41:11:

Hopefully the rest of you are safe and dry. The weather that is heading east from Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas is pretty extreme. Today was a very hot and humid day up until the afternoon when the storm clouds rolled in and the weather warnings lit up all over the TV screen.

The problem with this weather is that one minute it's fairly nice and the next it is raining buckets (nowhere near the amount our Texas friends recently saw) and you've got to get those goats out on pasture into shelter quickly.

Such was the case today and there we were trying to get them back into the shelter areas. Well normally I am fascinated by thunder and lightning but let me say that when you have one of those rippers (lightning) strike no more than 30 feet from you, the fascination instantly becomes fear. The rumbler (thunder) is so darn loud that you swear you are going to be knocked down. Luckily we got everyone in just before the hail and wind hit but like stupes we were still out sloshing around. Dime and nickel size hail does not feel to good pelting at you.

Anyway, I'm hoping that none of the crew got to wet today and tomorrow will reveal them all healthy. I know this is the kind of weather that really brings on the cases of Pneumonia. One good thing is that anything that is on the soil (especially if you live on sloped land like us) gets washed away pretty quickly to the creek below. So I guess that takes alot of the worms and larvae too. For us it is like natures way of cleaning up the goat pens. But that strike hit a bit close to home today.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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