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Re: The Great Buck Clipping Adventure!
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Posted by Bernice on June 15, 2001 at 21:31:37:

In Reply to: The Great Buck Clipping Adventure! posted by Nat on June 15, 2001 at 19:36:21:

LOL:):) Thats too funny! I laughed so hard. Brought back memories from last summer when hubby was clipping and trimming our then herdsire who was a massive French Alpine. His nickname was Stinky and he earned it well! Anywasy, hubby is doing his front and was bent over facing his head or the head lock in the stand. Stinky was having fits and stomping, etc, even snorting like a bull. I then saw Stinky turn his head around and take the infamous $250.00 ADGA nationals 2001 cap off his head and toss it (sure hope they give away something better for complimentary gifts than the chewing tobacco from last yr's nationals) . Too funny. Then if that wasn't enough he again got hubby, but this time hubby's rear was facing the tail and he was bent over.

So Stinky is till might pissed off and he spins his head around and bits hubby in the rear and tries to pull his shorts down.

Now this year I was trimming our buck Sweet Dream's Logic Magellan, and Alpine of course! I don't yet have our milking metal milking stand yet from Sydell. i had to sell a lot of our farm equipment when we moved. So i tied him on a leadline hooked to his collar on the gate to the back yard. So i really can sympathize with you there. I was clipping near the "family jeweles" and he was getting a bit jittery. I told him not to worry as I loved his "jeweles" more than he does! LOL:):) then i went to pick up his back leg and lo and behold,,,,, there is half a UDDER... yeppers, an udder. i about died. The other side was fine Hey, this was so interesting i stopped clipping and went to the house to get my digital camera. I had hubby pick up that leg and I was just about laying on the ground to get that shot! if anyone is interested i can send the pic.
Last yr when I clipped him, he was a yr old then, i noticed his teats were swollen and so i squeezed his teat and milk comes out! Now i was a bit amazed. i had always heard of milking bucks but had never seen one. I am told that this is a sign of a doe producing buck. in the 2 yrs almost since we have had him he has thrown mostly does. Out of our kid crop this yr he threw 3 of 12 does. So maybe there is some truth to this. I e-mailed a friend of mine and told her the story. She laughed and said that there is gold in buck milk in Japan as they drink it believing it gives them libido or verility. Hmmmm and the way some bucks can get i wonder... hmmmm......

Anyways i figure if he keeps this up he can compete with his sister in the ring one day! LOL:):)




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