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Re: Colostrum Replacer - does it work??
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Posted by WendyH on June 16, 2001 at 19:04:10:

In Reply to: Colostrum Replacer - does it work?? posted by Linda C. on June 14, 2001 at 11:33:15:

I am just finishing up on weaning my kids off of Purina Kid Milk Replacer. I was paying $13.75 per bucket of the stuff(not inc. tax). I was using over a bucket a week on four kids in my heaviest usage time. I ran out one night and found someone who gave me some Land O Lakes Lamb milk replacer. I ended up making the kids very bloated/ with scours by switching milks on them even though the mix was about 1/3 of the last bits of my Purina. Got very mad at myself over that!

I wish I had worked the kids over a bit more slowely in the beginning- from the real goat milk to the replacer. I would have had less scour problems- I guess. I was given 2 gallons of fresh goat milk when I purchased the kids and that's all I used in transition over to the kid milk replacer powder.

Only problem with the Purina Milk Replacer was if I fed a bit too much milk to the kids and they would look bloaty. It mixed easy with very warm water, and wasn't too hard to clean out of the pop bottles we used to bottle feed the four kids for their first three months of life.

I'd just mix the milk in a wide mouth, plastic gallon container filled with the approp. amount of 100-110 degree water using an egg whisk to break up the lumps. Then I'd pour the needed amount into clean pop bottles (20-up to 33 oz. size bottles). I did this two times a day. At first I was mixing a whole day's supply up and placing it in the fridge. But it took too long to re-warm it up.

*I'd keep pepto Bismol and b.soda(in warm water-bottles) if the need arose for digestive disturbances*

PS DO NOT use (((Medicated))) Calf Milk Replacer. I shudder to think that I was told by a Feed Store Owner that it would be just fine...AARRGGHH! I don't think I'd even use reg Calf milk replacer- but maybe someone else has a say on that?



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